April 19th, 2007


Its been a little to long for this post. I have played two games and since the last post and the season is off and running. We won our first game 57-9 against LA. We just lost to Wyoming 57-20. We were down only 24-20 at half.

Both of the kickers that I played against are good kickers. The LA kicker made a 39 yarder and had some good kickoffs and made a great tackle on a kickoff.  The Kicker from Wyoming, Trey Ransom, had a great evening, and made a 40 yard field goal and most of his extra points.  The NIFL has good talent for kickers.

I missed a 43 yarder my first game but made all my extra points (7-7), I connected on a 41 yarder and a 27 yarder in the wyoming game and was 2 for 2 on extra points. My last field goal was at the end of the half with one second left, an opposing player basically tackled me as I made impact with the ball and I had to muscle it through. I never saw the ball go through the uprights, in fact I did not know that I made it untill the end of half-time.  I found out by looking at the stat sheet and cofirming it with Coach Bees.  It was partially blocked and the ball just made it in. I will take those when I can. Luckly I was not hurt, teamate Rico Curtis just got enough of the player so he did not take my knee out.

We have Beaumont Drillers this week, another challenge for us.

John Matich

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One thought on “April 19th, 2007

  1. yo coach!
    I read about your the field goal you made with 0:01 left in the clock. The newspaper used the expression “muscle it through”. Thats pretty cool.. if you have it on film, you should post somewhere!!!!
    its really cool that you are doing well at the pro league!!!

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