4th Game

We were fortunate to win another game against the Pomona Cool Riders.  We ended up winning 61-32 in San Diego.  It was not my best game, to say the least.  I did hit a 45 yard field goal and 5 extra points. But I did miss my first extra point and had missed a short field goal.  I had two or three roughing the kicker calls for me.  They team kept coming off the edge hard and basically takled me almost every time I kicked. We even got into a scuffle at one point about it. It learned that I gave to keep my head in the game and not get to heated. I also attempted a 50 yard field that I hit straight but was a couple of yards short but I had a rounghing the kicker called for me as Pomona hit me just after I made contact.

It was a busy weekend as I had was on the field all morning before the game and had 8 sessions on Sunday. I cant complain as I love helping people and playing football!!

I am almost finished with the Masters Project for my graduate school, I am gethering all the surveys I sent out and have to write a few more sections. Again I am redoing my business plan for The Kicking System for the MP. Fun stuff!!

 John Matich

Published by The Kicking System

San Diego Football Kicking Coach and Soccer Coach. Private Lessons, Kicking Camps, SoCal Recruiting expert (619) 994-2364

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