Week #6

I have to say I never kicked 11 straight extra points in one game. I felt good out there and have to say it was my best game of the season.  My kickoffs felt good as I was hitting the endzone most of the time with good hang time.  I hit the scoreboard again about half way up this time. I didnt think I could hit the ball that high.  We won 77-6 and we are playing Saturday at San Bernadino.

It was nice to get back on track, I missed the last game becuase of poor field conditions. Coach Bees mentioned to me that we were not going to kick any field goals and not suit up a kicker in order to field another player.    Stever Terrill kicked a few extra points and squibbed a few kickoffs. Steve is a DB on the team. He did a great job, the last time he kicked was in HS.  There was not enough room to kick any field goals, the light were to close to the field.

I have my master project presentation this week and I will be graduating from Grad school this week.  I cant wait, I can then focus more on The Kicking System.

So far on the season 4-6 field goals and 28-29 extra points. Not bad for getting back in the game.

John Matich

Published by The Kicking System

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