Rivercity Rage Kicker – Arena Kicker works with TKS

TKS had an opportunity to work with Derek Kutz, place-kicker from the Rivercity Rage of the UIFL.  The owners of the Rivercity Rage flew Derek out to San Diego (3/29) for help in his overall kicking technique. I am glad they did!


Although Derek is having a great season, he went 4-4 in his last game, there are some adjustments he needs in his technique.


Off the bat, I knew he had a strong leg! He was barely kicking and making 45-yard field goals.


Here are a few things we needed to work on:  First he was crunching on contact, secondly he was kicking a more of a wedge style kick.  I told him that it was not going to change over night and he needed plenty of drills to work on these elements.


Derek kicked about 40-50 field goals and was starting to him a better ball towards the end of the session.  The biggest thing I told him was that he needed to build his stroke.  Get his hips into the kick and things will be fine. I learned last year during my kicking with the San Diego Shockwave, that if you have a solid stroke you cant miss. Derek was receptive to my comments and wrote down all the things he needed to work on. I believe Derek can be an all-star in that league.

I hope to see him leading the league soon!

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