Former Aztecs punter Simnjanovski dies in crash

Brian Simnjanovski
Brian Simnjanovski

May 12th, 2009

Its been a tough couple of days for me — On Monday morning I found out about a good friend of mine who died in a car crash. Brian Simjanovski a former punter from San Diego State University. Brian whom I meet in 2002, trained with me in the summer of 2002 and helped out at numerous TKS camps through the years. Brian also helped out with my kicking manual and is the model for every picture in the manual.

Its been tough to come up with words to describe what I have been feeling. I keep my mind busy with memories of Brian and all the positive things he stood for. Brian was on the verge of becoming a teacher as he was getting his teaching credential from Cal State San Marcos.

He was one of the best individuals I have known, he was a great punter and fantastic person.Β  Although he hung up the cleats a few years ago for punting I knew deep down inside punting was a passion for him. His professionalism and calm demenor made him solid prospect for numerous NFL team over the last 5-7 years.Β  He went out of his way to help kids learn how to kick and never expected anything back. I know Brian will be missed from being on the field and off the field. We will miss you Brian!! We are planning a kicking camp in your name this August.

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35 thoughts on “Former Aztecs punter Simnjanovski dies in crash

  1. Hi,
    I am a student of Mrs. Signaigo’s 6th grade class at woodland park Middle School. I discovered the news today because he is my student teacher. I would like to tell his parents how very sorry I am and I apologize. I have been crying and my whole school is devistated. I was informed that this was his last week of student-teaching and then he would become a teacher, his dream. If anyone has any information on his favorite charity it would help because my class wishes to donate in his name. Please just comment on this for me. I am very sorry about this incident to all of those who loved him.

  2. Hi
    I too am a student of Mrs.Signaigo. Brian has been student aiding for us about 4-5 months now. He was such a nice person, If I didn’t get something of if I forgot he would talk to me and help me through it. Once I heard the news I was DEVASTATED. I just saw him on Friday and it was still such a shock to me. I still am blown away. My deepest condolinses go out to his family. He was such a nice person to lose so early in life. I hope all the 6th graders in Mrs. Signaigos class will keep him in their hearts. Because I know I will.

  3. i will miss mr.s so much he was such a great teacher , i think he must have been one of my favorite teachers! when i found out this morning me and my friends could not stop crying from this tragedy.i want to say sorry to his family and friends but we all know that we will all miss him.every morning he would always have a smile on his face no matter what , i just cant put my feelings into words my heart feels broken. he was a man who was loved by everyone.i will miss him terribly.if anybody knows any thing about a funeral or something dont be afraid to email me.

  4. I will miss Mr.S. He was a really cool guy. He was one of my favorite teachers. when I heard the news this morning i was shoked. I started crying I felt sorry for him. Every one here at rancho minerva.iyheytbr

    1. Every on here at Rancho Minerva will keep him in their thoughts. his spirit is now set free. No one will forget when he would start the beat of “We will Rock You”, and we would continue it for two times . If we were quiet after we would get a class point. He loved CORE 1 better, and even if we weren’t quiet he would still give us the point. Brian Simjanovski is now on his way to ETERNAL LIFE. MR.S R.I.P.

  5. He was a good man and teacher. I thouhgt that nothing would happen to him bacause he was so nice. i wish he was still her bacause he was such a good teacher. if i did not undersand somthing he woud sit there and not live tell i coul stell him what it was

  6. hello,I am a student at woodland park and I heard the news around the school. I see him once and awhile on the campus but I never really got to know him that well. It is very sad to hear that he died and when I heard the news I was shocked.I can’t believe that he actually died!! Everyone that had him as a student teacher thought that he was very nice and supportive. I can also see from looking at him that he was a kind guy. I am very sorry for what his family is going through right now, and I hope that everything will be ok.
    Thanks for your time and I hope Mr.S rests in peace.

  7. John,

    This is Riste, Brian’s brother. I wanted to say thank you for the kind words and for posting this on your site. He admired what you did and was grateful for what you taught him. My email has been posted if you would get a hold of me – I would love to help you plan a kicking camp in his name.

    God bless you and the kind students, friend and people posting in rememberance of him,


    1. Dear Riste,

      I was in shock when I read about your brother’s accident in the paper this morning. I have such fond memories of you and Brian from middle school. I see your mother from time to time at Ralph’s and she is always raving about you and Brian; telling me what you two are up to. I loved hearing the stories about two of my favorite former students. Please tell your mother and father that I am thinking of them. I am profoundly sad; I have a very heavy heart. I can’t even imagine what you are all going through at this time.

      My Condolences, Toni

    2. Brian was a treasure. I am still in shock. I worked with Brian at his second job almost every day. I have come to know him well. He made me laugh every day at work. He would always get onto the kids at work when he would find out they were goofing off instead of paying attention to school. He was also well known from our soccer club. Great athlete everyone is saying. I miss him terribly. I am so sorry for his family’s loss.

      “We all love you Brian”


  8. Service and Funeral Information:

    I thought you kind folks would appreciate this.

    His first service (a closed casket viewing) will be this Thursday May, 14, 2009 at 7:00pm in St. Petka’s Church in San Marcos. The address is:

    1854 Knob Hill Road
    San Marcos, CA 92069

    His funeral will begin at 10:00am Friday (at the same address) and he will be escorted by police and funeral procession to the cemetery.


    1. Riste,
      Im sorry to hear about Brian. He’ll be missed so much. Such a great person and was liked by everybody. Ill never forget the first time i saw him kick the football for Coach Ruscetta. I was like” WOW”, we’ve got ourselves a new kicker. He’ll be missed by everybody.

      Mark Piga
      EHS C/O 99

  9. He was my brother-in-laws brother. I am going to miss him more and more everyday. He constantly comes to my mind, which continually reminds me of what a cool, loving, honest person he was. My family is having trouble getting through the days. Every second of the day I will wonder why such a tragedy happened to such an exceptional person. Each moment I begin to feel more and more heart broken. We have shed many tears and have prayed for strength. The pain of your death is excruciating. You are awesome Brian. I will cherish the autographed football you gave me many years ago for the rest of my life. You are awesome Brian and loved by many. One day we will meet again. I love you Simnjanovskis’.

  10. Hi.
    I am too, one of his students. It is very shocking, because I saw him this past Friday; it’s very devistating to know someone who died. I didn’t know him too well, but I could tell he was a good person. I found out today, and I was just shocked. I didn’t have any emotions; I just sat in my seat, frozen. One of the counselors even asked me okay. Just, wow. I know we all loved him, and hopefully is in a better place now. We’re going to miss you, Mr. S!

  11. Dear Brian,
    Your absence has brought forth many difficult emotions. The last few days have been horrific. I only hope that your mom and dad are much stronger than I. I know you were an exceptional son, brother, grandson, brother in law, friend, etc. I too agree with the previous comment, we shall meet again. One of my many regrets is that we didn’t spend more time as a family. I am extremely sorrowful and consumed with grief. I am unable to express the sadness that I am enduring as well as the emotions your immediate family must be experiencing. I continue to learn many lessons due to your passing. You are loved by all and truly a blessing.

  12. Oh my god. I am just so shocked. This is devistating. Brian was my teacher’s aid- soon to become a teacher. I helped him grade papers, and we would always laugh and have a great time. We even made up a joke. A really great joke that will be in my heart forever. He was a good man, with good intentions. He actually tutored me for History, and I passed! God I’m actually crying right now. Brian was just so fun to be around with. He was a star athlete, and he would get all of my friends for a tutor session. He helped my best friend get a good grade on his Rome project. I… just don’t know what to say. I just can’t believe this happened. I thought it was a rumor, because in my 2nd period class, everyone told me! I was like, “Yeah right!” And sat down. Then when the principal came, I was like, “Oh.” And then it finally hit me. Mr. S is gone. He will be in our hearts forever, but I know for a fact, we will all see him again.

    “This is the part where we take a step back, and realize how fragile life is.” – Mrs. Signaigo.

  13. oh brian you were my best friend and a good one too. all i can think about is our deep conversations and you always making fun of me but most of all you always knowing how to put a smile on my face. i could always count on you to be there for me no matter what. i am truly going to miss you and us at work and our lame emails and texts. i am going to miss hearing you complain i am going to miss that funky way you walked i am going to miss how your pants where always a little to small and how i could see your socks when you walked i am going to miss me or you buying drinks and snacks on our breaks i am going to miss how you always made fun of me and how i could dish it right back to you πŸ™‚ brian you were on of my best friends and i could go on and on and on but to be honest these past couple of days have been really hard on me. you are suppose to be here…just the day before you left us you were telling me how excited you were to go on vacation w/ steph and how things were getting serious…brian what happen? my heart goes out to your family and most of all stephanie. i miss you brian and i always will you were like my older brother i never had and you will always be in my heart. i really do not want to end this because you were such an amazing guy and i want the world to know all i know about you…until i see you again my lame funny handsome annoying old kind lovable best friend πŸ™‚

    1. Missee,

      I am so glad you wrote. I am on vacation and am not enjoying it one bit. All I can think about is Brian and his dorky kind of cuteness. We always made fun of him, and he always returned the compliments. I do not know how I am going to return to work without Brian being there. I miss him so much.

      Mom and Dad, you raised a wonderful boy into a wonderful man.

  14. hi im Larry Morales and im a student of his and its very sad that he past away. I just wanted to say that i miss him and so does all of the class. We love him and he was the best student teacher we ever had. And he was a very awsome at football and was cool at the turkey trout at our school.
    Rancho Minerva Middle School!!!!!!

  15. hello my name is julian and I was a student from Brain Simnjanovski and he was an awsem teacher but it is sad that he is dead T.T

  16. b=bomb r-ready for life i=intelligent a=awsume n=nice dear parents of mr. s well 1st lets start with how he was a big HUGE chunk of mrs signaigos class….i am mad that it had to turn out like thiss with only an month left of school. and he was in the nfl thats pretty cool….if ur na,e was in a dictionary your definition would be pro at everything . R.I.P mr.s from the blonde girl in ur 1st period class

  17. Nikogas ne sme se videle ama Brance e del od mene .Sokirani sme site i ne mozeme da veruvame deka toa se slucilo.Sakav da mozam da go gusnam ,da mu kazam deka sum imala prekrasen bratuced.Gospod sekogas gi zema dobrite kako Brance.Neka mu e lesna zemjata, neka pociva vo mir i golemo socustvo do celoto semejstvo
    Nikogas nema da te zaboravime i vecno ke zivees vo nasite srca.

  18. Dobriot glas se shiri mnogu brzo, a loshiot ushte pobrzo. Taka i vesta za smrtta na Brian stigna do rodnite kraishta na negovite roditeli. Bevme shokirani, ne mozevme da poveruvame deka sportistot so prekrasna nasmevka zamina zasekogash.
    Ne postoi zbor shto moze da gi uteshi najbliskite, ne postoi lek koj shto moze da ja namali bolkata. Mnogumina velat deka vremeto gi leci site rani no ne e taka. Vremeto e samo eden noz koj so tekot na vremeto istapuva, no sepak bode dlaboko vo nashite srca.
    Za nieden roditel ne postoi pogolema zaguba, od zagubata na najmiloto, na svoeto cedo.
    Brian zamina zasekogas… Go ostavi prazen svojot dom, gi zavi vo bolka najbliskite…
    No ne, ne treba da zalite treba da bidete gordi na svoeto cedo. Za svojot kratok zivot uspea da go dostigne vrvot, uspea vas da ve napravi najsrekni i najgordi roditeli. Iako so svoeto prisustvo ne e pomegu nas, toj zasekogas ke ostane vo nashite srca. Za negovite uspesi ke se zboruva godini i godini ponatamu… a so toa ke bide poshteden od zaborav.
    Toj ja ispolni misijata na zemjata, se vpisa vo istorijata na slavnite, toj ke bide idol na mnogu mladi shuteri koi ke trenjiraat ragbi.
    Denes toj e angel koj shto se naoga na neboto i ne shtiti od site zla.
    So golema pocit do semejstvoto Simjanovski od Dimco i Radica Kuzmanoski, Tetovo, Makedonija.

  19. So dlaboka bolka ja primiv taznata vest za smrtta na Brian i se uste nemozem da poveruvam deka zavrsi zivotot na mladiot Brian.
    Na nebesniot svod zgasna uste edna sjajna zvezda na mlad zivot i sportist.
    Pocivaj vo mir angelu,
    so ljubov, vujna Vera.

  20. My family and I were shocked when we learned about Brian’s death today. Our deepest prayers prayers are with you. I cant explain how saddened we are. I personally was looking forward to the day that I would meet Brian for the second time because I have only seen him once in my life, when I was just under one year old. I personally have heard many great things about him and deeply wanted to learn more about my great relative.

    Our Deepest Thoughts and Prayers are with you.
    Anthony, Dusica, Lewis, and Angela Dimovski

  21. I was shocked when i found out what happend. im in his 3rd period class and i really liked him as a teacher. it still doesnt seem real to me at all. when i saw him on friday i would have never in a million years thought this would happen to him. I also send my dearest thoughts out to his family and especially his mother. I feel so bad that it happend on mothers day… my class all made sympathy cards to his family. I hope things start looking up for his family soon. Sincerley,
    Emily Gilpin

  22. Thanks to everyone for kind words..
    I have just nothing to say..
    R.I.P my dear cousin !

  23. Goran simjanovski Says:

    May 18, 2009 at 8:56 am
    Covekot saka da izvlece radost od svojot kratok zivot,treba da nastojuva da go razubavi zivotot,no ne samo svojot tuku i na drugite,zosto negovata radost zavisi od radosta na drugite.Brajan ti bese toj koj sto nosese radost na site koi te poznavaa i zatoa sekogas ce ostanes zapameten vo nasite srca ,neka ti e lesna zemja pocivaj vo mir.


  24. We were students of Mr. S and he was one of the best teachers we’ve ever had. we miiss him so much. He meant so much to all of us and so we all took it pretty hard when we first found out about his tragic death. We still think about him constantly and his memory will live on forever in our hearts. The one who took it the hardest was our teacher Ms. Murray her daughter was in a relationship with Mr. S and we saw our reaction when she found out and she was devastated. So we send our condolences to everyone who met him beacuse he has touched the lives of so many.

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