Nate Kaeding, Kicker, San Diego Chargers his Future and Struggles vs Jets

January 18th, 2010

As a San Diego Charger fan, this is a tough blog entry to write.  But I had to discuss the future of Nate Kaeding.  As a kicking coach in the San Diego area, I get questions asked all the time about his future with the Chargers.

I believe the Chargers will keep him to the respect he was chosen as a all-pro this season.  This is not the first time, “Nate the Great” has choked against the Jets.  I happened to be at that game.  I was a bit rainy but still no excuse for missing a 40 yard field goal.

His numbers during the regular season speak for themselves. The most accurate kicker in the NFL. Which is why I cant understand why he missed three in a row.  I have always been told to forget your last kick even if you made it. Nate did not do that Sunday. Its interesting to see how fragile the mind is when you miss an important kick. The best kicker ever arguably, lost his mind just for a few kicks and may not recover. He knew the last kick was a miss when he hit it.  Kicking field goals is not an easy task and Nate showed us that on Sunday.

I would love to see him back but not many will forget this one. One of the worst loses in franchise history and he will get ridiculed in opposing stadiums. He does have a hefty contract see below.  It’s tough not to pull for him but he has missed some clutch kicks that might define his career.

Signed 9/25/2006: Signed a six-year, $12.65 million contract extension through 2012. The deal contains $3.5 million guaranteed, including a $2.5 million signing bonus. 2010: $1.6 million, 2011: $1.8 million, 2012: $2 million, 2013: Free Agent

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