Yoga for Kickers & Punters: TKS Yoga Retreat

January 26th, 2011

Downward facing Dog - YOGA for Kickers!
Downward facing Dog - YOGA for Kickers!

Last week, I was able to attend Yoga retreat in Tecate, Mexico. This is a location where I had been before to learn more about Yoga, Pilates, functional training and more ideas to help with my kicking academy. This year I took, foam roller, tennis ball mobilization, Yoga, Pilates, functional training, and core classes. Its awesome, because I eat great food and workout pretty much all day!

This year I spend some extra time on the foam rollers. Since its been so busy I have been on my feet on the field pretty much every day since I can remember. Foam rolling basically is a self massage technique that can be great for kickers and punters. I have so many ideas now in my head about how I can incorporate them into the kicking lessons. I also spent some time on the tennis balls, releasing and mobilizing my feet and hips. Also another great technique I want to pass along to all my students.

The best part of the trip was taking Yoga classes with good friend Nathan

Foam Rollers for Kickers!

Briner. And let me tell you it was awesome. I tool some level II Yoga classes that involved some shoulder and hand stands. I also learned some great hip openers and also used ropes hanging from a wall that were fun!  I can almost put my elbow on the ground now from just a normal hamstring bend.

Functional Training for kickers
YOGA for Kickers & Punters

Overall it was a great trip, the weather was perfect and even went to to a concert with with

Béla Fleck who is often considered the premier banjo player in the world.  I look forward to another trip later this year to brush up on my stretching and training techniques.

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