Tools of the Trade – Kicking Tips

February 20th, 2011

By Tim Valencia

What’s in Your Kicking Bag?

The boyscouts have the motto,” Always be prepared.”  It would be good for kickers and punters to adopt the same motto.

Out of all of the positions in Football, kickers and punters might have the most equipment.

While each player is different I have enclosed a list below of what is in my Kicking bag,  I would advise all kickers and punters to create their own list and follow it

1.) Footballs- As many as you can, no explanation necessary

2.) Soccer Ball- Works on coordination, a good way to warm up,  and a great tool to use to work on your leg swing.

3.) Backpack-  I would advice kickers to have their own backpack separate from where they keep their footballs. doesnt need to be fancy, just needs to be able to hold things.

4.) Kicking Shoes- Obvious

5.) Socks- Obvious

6.) Holder- anything you can use to hold up footballs for field goals

7.) Tee/Block- Regardless of what level you need this piece of equipment

8.)  Towel- whether it be kicking early in the morning or during a game in a rainstorm, if your footballs or shoes get too wet you could ruin them, keeping your equipment dry is important.

9.) Tennis Balls- punters specifically can use these to train themselves to catch away from their body and to catch more efficiently.

10.) Watch-keep track of hang time, and time in general

11.) Notebook- taking notes, writing tips/goals, keeps y and focused on your longterm goals.  Charting your progress is a great confidence builder and motivation tool

12.) Measuring Tape- Use it to measure and solidify the right distance you need to be from the football on approach.  All kickers should not only be consistent but also know their distance off the top of their head.

13.) Golf Tees/ markers- also another important tool to mark your distance after taking your full steps.

14.) Camera-  One of the best things you can use.  On good sessions it records what you are doing right.  On bad days it can help you overcome struggles and correct your form.  The more video you have on your sessions the more you can learn and the more you can keep your form clean.

15.) Stretching Belt-  With flexibility being a huge key in kicking,  any aids you can use in improving that flexibility you should use/ have with you at all time.

There you go, thats what is in my equipment bag.  Everything in your bag not only can help you in the offseason but also should be with you during the season.

Kicking and Punting is a craft just like any other craft,  this list of equipment are the tools you will use to help perfect that craft.

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