The Secret to Kicking Farther

February 28th, 2011
By Tim Valenica – TKS Coach

Leg Speed!

There are some secrets that might never be discovered; Secret of Life,  The Missing Link,  Loch Ness.   Others are obvious and extremely simple, Mcdonalds Secret Sauce, In-n-out Secret Menu, Best Mexican Food Restaurants, and of course how to kick further.

As much as it pains me to say it, kicking is extremely comparable to Golf.   In golf, if you want to hit the ball father, you to simply swing harder.  Swinging harder doesnt push harder on the ball, it simply speeds up how fast you swing your club.  Same principle/”secret”  for kicking; If you want to kick the ball farther you need to increase your leg speed.

Sounds easy right?  Wrong.  Kicking as hard as you can will not ensure proper form.  So you need to strengthen yourself to the point that you are have a faster leg speed without affecting your form.

Strength is Strength right? Wrong again.  I will cover the different types of strength later on, but the simple strength you are looking for is short explosive bursts of strength specifically in your legs.   This strength training is called plyometrics or “jump training”

Lucky for you,  The Kicking System knows the best “plyo” and resistance drills for kickers/ punters.

While special equipment isn’t needed it certainly can help you achieve faster results.  Some of the following equipment can be found through or through sklz on

Speed Parachute, Weight Sled/ Speed Sac, Sprint Parachute,Jump Ropes,Weight Vest, Medicine Ball,Speed Ladder, Hurdles/ Cones

I hope the secret to kicking farther wasn’t a letdown for you, but think of it this way, you now have the secret to kicking farther and you had didn’t have to climb to a mountain top, neditate for 40 days, or even have a crazy dream.   Now its up to you to put the work

Next Week Leg Speed Drills….

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