Post NFL Lockout for Kickers and Punters

Here are some important transactions (and comments)  so far post NFL Lockout regarding kickers and punters:

1) Chris Kluwe, Minnesota Vikings, punter, has yet to be fined by the NFL after the lockout. Hopefully he will use a whiteboard to sketch out how the new NBA came about (legally or illegally).

2) Jay Feely, Arizona Cardinals, kicker,  is probably still on the golf course debating which club to use…

3) The Eagles rescinded the transition tag off of kicker David Akers (no big surprise there, they did draft the next Adam Vinateri – Alex Henery)

4) Dave Rayner signed with the Lions – no biggy there.

5) Brad Maynard, will not be resigned by the Bears, which means Robbie Gould is upset. I would be too if I lost one of the best place-holders in the league and helped him achieve over 85% on field goals in Chicago!

6) Nate Kaeding is still with the Chargers — still not sure how I feel about that — And the Cowboys released Kris Brown and signed a rookie kicker- How many kickers have they signed once they let go of their kicking coach?

7) Redskins told former Pro-Bowl punter Josh Bidwell not to report to training camp and that he will be released Thursday.  I wonder how he took that news.

8) There will be some fresh blood in preseason games:

Chas Henry, Eagles
Travis Baltz, Colts
Josh Jasper, Tampa Bay
Nate Whittaker, Minnesota Vikings
Thomas Webber, Bengals
Brian Saunders, Jaguars
Dan Bailey – Cowboys
Derrek Epperson, Cardinals
Ryan Donahue, Lions
Reid Forrest, Buffalo

There are a few more which I will add at a later time…

9) Josh Scobee, might be just a little upset the NFL Lockout is over, he will have to curb his appetite for golfing for a few months and focus back on kicking.  Last we talked with Scobee he was in San Diego golfing at the Drew Brees Golf Tournament and I dont think he has stopped since. He had a 75 to make the Jax Amateur cut at 5-over 147. This guy can play some golf!

10) As soon as the NFL Lockout was lifted my inbox went crazy, “How do I get in the NFL?”

11) I am still waiting for my phone call – either as a player or coach, I’m flexible, I was ready with or without a CBA in place!
Till next time…


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