Recent NFL Kickers / Punters Signings

Cha-Ching! Are the words that come out of my mouth after this first week of signings since the lockout lifted in the NFL. Of course I am happy for a new CBA and NFL season, but what I am excited about is the HUGE contracts this punters and kickers are receiving. Here is breakdown of a few of them:

1) Mason Crosby, Green Bay Packers – 5 years 14.75 million – 3 million guaranteed — Don’t get me wrong Crosby has a great leg, but 5 years almost 15 million worth? He is 10-21 outside 50 yards, and I understand Lambeau field is tough but not sure if he is worth the almost 15 million.

2) Ryan Longwell, Minnesota Vikings – 4 years 12 million – 3.5 million guaranteed. Longwell deserves every penny, great kicker and glad to see him get his due.

3) Olindo Mare, Carolina Panthers – 4 year 12 million – 4 million guaranteed. Mare should be one the highest paid kickers in the league because he does both field goals and kickoffs really, really, really well. He is getting older but for kickers he is in his prime.

4) Adam Podelsh, Chicago Bears – 5 year (Cant find any details on the contract)– I thought Weatherford would be a Bear, now that let Maynard go – Podlesh is about 10 years younger, could provide consistency over the next few years. Dude ranked 4th in net punt last year and was a pro bowl alternate. Rumors he can run a 4.5 40 yard dash.

5) Adam Vinateri, Indianapolis Colts – 3 year extension — There is not enough money you can give this guy.

6) Michale Koenan, Tampa Bay Bucaneers – 6 year – 19.5 million. Well I know Koenan does kickoffs and punts and has a very strong leg. But he does not rank in any of the top 5 categories in punt totals. Not sure what the Bucs are thinking but time will tell if he can produce some good punt numbers. Kickoffs are great, should even improve kicking in Florida. He has a better deal than Lechler from the Radiers, makes no sense to us.  Thank you for the new CBA!

7) Nick Folk, New York Jets, resigned for a 1 year deal (according to Chuck Vine of Titan Sports) – 76% last year on field goals last year, still young at 27, and will compete with Nick Novak this summer.

8 ) David Akers signed a 3 year deal with the 49ners – With Nedney and all of his injuries (he just failed a physical), he is expected to retire this year. I think getting veteran to kick in San Francisco is always good thing, with the wind conditions having a reliable kicker will be huge for new head coach Jim Harbaugh. Wonder why he did not pick up his old college kicker Nate Whittaker (Vikings) to at least compete for the job. I know Akers finished on a sour note in Philly but his daughter was just diagnosed with cancer who is 6 years old.

9) Shaun Suisham, Pittsburg Steelers,  signed a new deal as well. (Not sure of the details) But connected on 14-15 field goals after replacing Jeff Reed. Its not east to kick at Heinz Field, so far he has done an excellent job.

10) Steve Weatherford, NY Giants – 1 year $870 K – I think a great signing for the Giants after Matt Dodge and his debacle in the final game of the season Weatherford can provide some solid field position which he has proven with the Jets.

11) Phil Dawson, Cleveland Browns – signed a tendered contract.

12) Matt Prater, Denver Broncos – singed a tendered contract.

Not to mention the frenzy of all the free agent rookie kickers and punters that have signed as well. It has been crazy!

Here is a list I pulled from my previous post for free agent signings:

Chas Henry, Eagles
Travis Baltz, Colts
Josh Jasper, Tampa Bay
Nate Whittaker, Minnesota Vikings
Thomas Webber, Bengals
Brian Saunders, Jaguars
Dan Bailey – Cowboys
Derrek Epperson, Cardinals
Ryan Donahue, Lions
Reid Forrest, Buffalo
Jacob Harfmen – Atlanta Falcons
Buffalo Bills – Chris Hazley
Spencer Lanning – Chicago Bears
Jeff Wolfert – Clevland Browns
Brett Hatmann – Houston Texans
Chirs Koepplin – New England Patriots
John Gold – Seattle Seahawks
Jake Rodgers, New Orleans Saints
Chad Cunningham – Tennessee Titans
Wes Byrum – Seattle Seahawks

I know there are few more….

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3 thoughts on “Recent NFL Kickers / Punters Signings

  1. Ii think a better list would be, who didnt sign a kicker or punter this year.

    It looks liek most of these signings are because of a Cap floor in place, and the fact that with the holdout Gm’ were looking to bring in kickers as quickly as possible.
    Things to watch for the season are
    Feagles in San Fran, how much does he have left?
    Koenen in Tampa for alot of money
    Alex Henrey in PHIn , will he handle all of the duties with Rocca and Akers gone?

    The big pressure this season will be Crosby and Mare, both got ridiculously high contracts for Kickers, not just in money but guaranteed money and years. Its going to be an intersting year.

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