Billy Cundiff, Missed Field Goal Versus Patriots

After numerous text messages, facebook posts and twitter comments, I figured I have to chime in and talk about Cundiffs missed field goal.

First of all, I am not offering any excuses on why he missed the kick. From that distance, its a chip shot. I have posted the video of the field goal below.

If you watch closely you can see the snap was not spot on, the hold was not perfect. When you are snapping in the NFL you normally try to get perfect laces to the holder. Or at least try to and not have the holder have to spin it a full revolution. As you can see the holder tried to spin the ball all the way around but did not get the laces facing the field goal.   In an earlier field attempt there was a high snap and Cundiff still made the kick. But these series of field goals, shows how important the operation is with the field goal unit. When you are not firing on all cylinders it throws of your timing and causes missed kicks.

Other notes: Cundiff has been hurt all season with strained calf, that does not help when you are not in rythem. Also they brought in another kicker (Shayne Graham) a few weeks earlier which I am sure did not help the situation. It was not his best regular season and having the injury all plays a huge role. Lastly I did feel he was rushed, seemed as if he was sprinting onto the field, also when he took his steps back.  Not sure why he was rushed, he knew he was going in…

Lastly, I still believe Billy Cundiff is a great kicker. He is a true professional and will bounce back, knowing him he will make his next 70 field goals. I do feel for him and will hate the next month of his life but after that he will regain his form.

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