A Post Cundiff Missed Field Goal World

Posted By Tim Valencia

If you have been following this blog or any news site lately I am sure you know how much analysis has been going on with the now infamous Missed field goal in the AFC Champoionship game by Billy Cundiff.

After John Maatich, (TKS Owner) has analyzed speicifically the kick the operation and everything leading up to the kick it is important to know one thing… a kicker should only be thinking about his next kick.  Below is a link from the Baltimore Sun who uses multiple writers giving their opinion on the miss.


While I am ecstatic that there is a plethora of kicking topics and people writing about it, the information on this topic should slowly start dying out.  While I am a huge fan of Billy Cundiff I feel the more this topic is discussed the more it does disservice to Cundiff and everything he has done in his career.  Much like an Offensive Lineman, a holder a snapper, the only time a kicker is the focal point is when they mess up.

I also have to give Cundiff his due he hasnt blamed anyone, he shoulders the blame and has taken his licks in stride.  In addition Ray Lewis has shown to be a consumate teamate and locker room leader, even if he did this Madden commercial back in 2004.

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