2012 NFL Draft Kickers and Punters – Specialists

Punters 2012 NFL Draft:

We wanted to start with punters, as there is a case to be made that a TKS Alumni punter –could get drafted in SDSU punter, Brian Stohavich.  As you know punters are not drafted often — only a couple every draft. Last year Matt Bosher from the University of Miami was drafted by the Falcons. In 2010, Mesko, Bowden and Dodge were drafted. Most of those were draft picks in the 6th of 7th round. There are a few punters this years that could make the grade — Bryan Anger from Cal — and Stohavich.

Kickers 2012 NFL Draft:

Kickers often are not drafted as well, with many of them making a team via free agency.  Last year, Alex Henery was drafted by the Eagles and none were taken in the 2010 draft. Of course your remember, David Buehler getting picked up in the 5th round in 2009 with Ryan Succop being the last man picked in the that draft in the 7th round. You really have to be off the charts to get drafted in the top three rounds as we saw with Janikowski and the Raider in 2000. Who could forget Nate Kaeding getting picked up in round 3 in the 2004 draft!  Can you imagine Jason Hanson was picked in the second round in 1992.

This years crop of kickers – is a bit interesting — no one is off the charts and I can see no kickers getting drafted to maybe one possibly two this year. Zuerlein is getting some recent press. Remember sometimes kickers are drafted for their kickoff leg, but with the recent rule change — it may change a few minds of the NFL brass.

For this years draft here are some possible draft picks:

1) Brian Stohavich – SDSU Punter

1. Greg Zuerlein, K, Missouri W. State, 6-0, 190, 4-6

2. Brian Anger, P, California, 6-4, 208, 6-7

3. Drew Butler, P, Georgia, 6-1, 203, 7

4. Blair Walsh, K, Georgia, 5-9, 187, 7-FA

5. Philip Welch, K, Wisconsin, 6-2, 206, FA

6. Shawn Powell, P, FSU, 6-4, 248, FA

7. Brad Nortman, P, Wisconsin, 6-3, 213, FA

8. Randy Bullock, K, Texas A&M, 5-9, 205, FA

9. Derek Dimke, K, Illinois, 6-1, 180, FA



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