Advantage to Earning a Kicking Scholarship – Highlight Tape Tips

Another common question TKS receives is developing a world-class highlight film.  Many schools now days use certain companies to film their games and practices.  For the most part these video services are great for breaking up the film, transferring and copying it to different formats and using it for your own highlight film.

But unfortunately, as with most kicks, the ball is not in the camera angle.  For example I had a student kick a kickoff that hit the field goal posts. The camera followed the line coming down to tackle the returner.  When a kickoff hits the upright in high school, it is an amazing feat.  Unfortunately, you could not see it in the camera shoot. The kick would be great start to any kickers highlight tape to impress any coaches.

Our recommendation is to use a videographer to come to you game and film your kicks. At TKS we use Sport Force Online and Andrew Beinbrink (, now most of you who don’t live in the San Diego area, may need to some research on how to find the best sport videographer in your area. Think of it as a great investment as a solid highlight tape will reap you great benefits in your college recruiting. Make it easy for the college coaches see you kick at you best.

–       Try to film in HD

–       Don’t allow the camera to shake.

–       Make sure the ball stays in the camera angle

–       Show the ball going thru the uprights

–       Upload to Youtube

–       Also provide some quality practice kicks at the end

Here is an example of great highlight tape:

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