Private Kicking Lesson: James Sherman – Montgomery, Alabama

The Kicking System had the privilege of working with high school kicker James Sherman on an individual session.  James is a rising senior, from Montgomery, Alabama.  Interestingly, James’s family are good friends with Bill Walton, (The former NBA Great) and staying at his house during their brief visit to San Diego. James was referred to CoachContinue reading “Private Kicking Lesson: James Sherman – Montgomery, Alabama”

How to Long Snap – Field Goals and Punts

In this video TKS Snapper, Joe Cardona, talks about the basics on how the snap a football. Joe talks about hand placement, foot position, balance and shows a few drills on how to help you improve your snaps. Perfect for field goals and punting snaps.  

Kicker & Punter Workouts / Excercises Swiss Ball / Training Tips

March 4th, 2011 March has rolled in and TKS has rolled out some new videos on TKS TV. San Diego Kicking Coach, John Matich, loads these videos up with key exercises for improving your core for kickers and punters. All you need a swiss ball and yoga mat and some motivation to get better. AContinue reading “Kicker & Punter Workouts / Excercises Swiss Ball / Training Tips”

Kicking off the Ground in High School – TKS Blog Post

September 28th, 2010 You just hit a 45 yard field goal in your last high school football game, hit five touchbacks including one that went thru the uprights, and you have not missed an extra point since last year.  The good times are rolling… A college coach contacts you after homecoming and asks the questions,Continue reading “Kicking off the Ground in High School – TKS Blog Post”

NFL or Bust: What to do after your Senior year for Kickers & Punters

December 8th, 2009 By John Matich, Owner The Kicking System Your season is done… football is long forgotten…you have only the bowl games to keep you interested in college football.  BUT — you felt you had a great season.  You lead your conference in points, field goal percentage or punt average. You compared yourself toContinue reading “NFL or Bust: What to do after your Senior year for Kickers & Punters”

Transferring Colleges: Kickers & Punters

December 1st, 2009 I figured I would start the month off with a post about transferring if you are a kicker or punter. Over the years, I have had students want to transfer after their first year at their college or later in their career for a variety of reasons.   First off, you needContinue reading “Transferring Colleges: Kickers & Punters”

TKS Kicker at Arizona: Bonano, carries best GPA on team

September 18th. 2009 TKS Alum Jon Bonano, had a nice article written about him in the Arizona Daily Star the other day.  It talks about how balanced Bonano is with his school and football time. Keep up the good work Jon! Jon has the top GPA on the team! Not just football on brain TopContinue reading “TKS Kicker at Arizona: Bonano, carries best GPA on team”

Recruiting Tips for Kickers & Punters

You consider yourself a solid prospect. You’ve talked with more than a dozen schools, all of which have signed other kickers or don’t return your phone calls anymore. You had a great year, had great statistics and feel you will have no problem kicking off the ground. Your problem: You’re still seeking a scholarship. IfContinue reading “Recruiting Tips for Kickers & Punters”