TRX for Kickers & Punters

Trying to find you a new workout routing?  Stuck in a plateau?  Need some new excercies to get you motivated for all you tryouts, spring ball and off-season conditioning. Look no further, here are some sure-fire ideas to help your kicking game. By using the TRX and its suspension training you will have the edgeContinue reading “TRX for Kickers & Punters”

The Secret to Kicking Farther Part II – Football Kicking

March 4th, 2011 By Tim Valencia – TKS Inland Empire Kicking Coach Last week I “unveiled” the truth behind kicking further, Leg Speed. This week I am going to explain what drills can improve your leg speed, because its essentially what everyone wants just like the new Ipad2 (until they mention how the Ipad3 willContinue reading “The Secret to Kicking Farther Part II – Football Kicking”