Matt Dodge – New York Giants Punter -Special Teams Letdown

December 27th, 2010 How important are kicker and punters?  Well as we can see special teams played an important role in the Giants/Eagles NFL football game yesterday.  We can talk about Michael Vick all we want and how he is a possible MVP Candidate. But in the end special teams doomed the end for theContinue reading “Matt Dodge – New York Giants Punter -Special Teams Letdown”

2010 NFL Draft: Who got drafted? Kicker/Punters (Specialists)

April 24th, 2010 Here is the list of specialists that got drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft: Brent Bowden, Virgina Tech….punter… drafted by the Tampa Bay Bucs …6th Round Matt Dodge, punter…East Carolina, drafted in 7th round by the Giants Zoltan Molesko, drafted in 5th round. Congrats Fillip!! First specialist drafted! Listen to The KickingContinue reading “2010 NFL Draft: Who got drafted? Kicker/Punters (Specialists)”