How to Place Hold for Field Goals

    Almost every high school game or practice I attend I always see a placeholder using incorrect technique on place-holding for field goals. Depending on the level, the holder has not changed anything since his Pop Warner days. Some common mistakes including letting the ball go before it’s kicked, holding the ball with theContinue reading “How to Place Hold for Field Goals”

Davey Last, TKS San Diego Kicker, kicks one for the ages! GW over Los Alamitos

This is an excerpt from the North County Times. VALLEY CENTER — David Last was just a kicker last season, and a darn good one. This season, Last has added a few things to his bag of tricks. Kicking, however, is still his forte. The Valley Center High senior booted a 47-yard field goal withContinue reading “Davey Last, TKS San Diego Kicker, kicks one for the ages! GW over Los Alamitos”

Video: Finding the Right Kicking Shoe – Soccer Shoe Reviews

May 11th, 2010 Here is a brand new video.  We had the chance to review kicking shoes over the last six months and put our thoughts into a video.  Want to know what are the best soccer shoes are on the market for kicking? This video give you some reviews of some of the eliteContinue reading “Video: Finding the Right Kicking Shoe – Soccer Shoe Reviews”

Football Kicking Equipment Video

May 8th, 2010 Coming from The Kicking System Channel, a brand new video about Football Kicking Equipment.  John Matich, TKS Director, talks about what you need as a kicker or punter when it comes to equipment. We review the following items: Kicking Tees, holders, footballs, shoes and much more! Spalding J5V Rawlings ST5 TDY Football

Transferring Colleges: Kickers & Punters

December 1st, 2009 I figured I would start the month off with a post about transferring if you are a kicker or punter. Over the years, I have had students want to transfer after their first year at their college or later in their career for a variety of reasons.   First off, you needContinue reading “Transferring Colleges: Kickers & Punters”

Seawright on the Cal/Stanford Big Game 2009 (Yahoo Sports)

November 20th, 2009 From Yahoo Sports Sophmore Kicker David Seawright from Cal: I now take you to the inner sanctum of God’s University, where there is a single-minded focus on Axe-retention that must come to fruition Saturday. So allow me to turn things over to Cal sophomore kicker David Seawright – and be sure toContinue reading “Seawright on the Cal/Stanford Big Game 2009 (Yahoo Sports)”

News Flash: From MLS to walk-on kicker

I found this today, interesting to see a former MLS player now kicking… do you think he will do well? From Yahoo Sports A 26-year-old former Major League Soccer player is Ohio State’s new kicker. Devin Barclay replaces Aaron Pettrey, who injured his knee last Saturday in the Buckeyes’ rout of New Mexico State. BarclayContinue reading “News Flash: From MLS to walk-on kicker”