Kicking off the Ground in High School – TKS Blog Post

September 28th, 2010 You just hit a 45 yard field goal in your last high school football game, hit five touchbacks including one that went thru the uprights, and you have not missed an extra point since last year.  The good times are rolling… A college coach contacts you after homecoming and asks the questions,Continue reading “Kicking off the Ground in High School – TKS Blog Post”

Don’t Stop Recruiting: Kicking Reality Stories

March 11th, 2010 Updating the recruiting list for the 2011 class jogged my memory about a few stories that may help demonstrate the reality of college football recruiting for kickers and punters. Here’s one about a student I’ve been working with for a few years, who I’ll call Joe. Joe was contacted late in theContinue reading “Don’t Stop Recruiting: Kicking Reality Stories”