The end of a Legend…Matt Stover

A great person retired this last week….. and no I dont mean Oprah I am speaking of the quietest record breaking career for a place kicker, Matt Stover. Time and time again, most every guest we have had on the radio show has said,” emulate a professional and it will help you take your gameContinue reading “The end of a Legend…Matt Stover”

Rolf Benirschke, Former San Diego Charger Kicker, Interview  In this interview former, San Diego Charger, Kicker, Rolf Benirschke, talks about his life in the NFL, off-season kicking, Hall of Fame, Best kicker in the NFL and what he looks for in a kicker. Great insight from Rolf! Sorry for the poor audio! Want more check our our blog! This footage was fromContinue reading “Rolf Benirschke, Former San Diego Charger Kicker, Interview”

Josh Scobee, Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Kicker, Interview

We had a chance to catch with a NFL Kicker at the Drew Brees Celebrity Golf Tournament in San Diego, CA. We caught him as he was approaching his last nine holes in the first round. In this interview Josh Scobee from the Jacksonville Jaguars talks about his life as a NFL Kicker. He alsoContinue reading “Josh Scobee, Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Kicker, Interview”

Other Aspects of Kicking… Longsnapping

One of the interesting things about TKS is we speak about the overlooked aspects of football.  I have to admit we have also been guilty of this as well.  One of the most important aspects of the kicking game has to be… longsnapping. Being on the receiving end of a concussion because of a botchedContinue reading “Other Aspects of Kicking… Longsnapping”

Football Kicking Net Review – – Solo Kicker

In this episode, TKS Owner, John Matich, gives a review of a kicking net called the Solo Kicker made by Bow Net. Watch as we put the net thru some hard kicking, punting, snapping and much more – Will it stand up to the test? If you are looking for new kicking net for yourContinue reading “Football Kicking Net Review – – Solo Kicker”

NFL Draft 2011: Specialists – Kicker & Punters

There is a chance that we may not see any kicker or punter get drafted this year in the NFL Draft but its not stopping me from writing about the possibilities. Overall, not a strong class for kickers or punters, but with the kickoff rule change it could change how teams draft place-kickers. Last yearContinue reading “NFL Draft 2011: Specialists – Kicker & Punters”

Under Armour Releases New Soccer Shoe – UA Blur Pro / UA Hydrastrike PRO

If you are looking for some new kicking cleats you wait may be finally over.  Over the last few years I have been a bit disapppointed with the lack of quality kicking cleats. Besides the Nike Tiempo Legends (which we rated a 5 out of 5 on) the Addidas Copa Mundial is just not durableContinue reading “Under Armour Releases New Soccer Shoe – UA Blur Pro / UA Hydrastrike PRO”

The Secret to Kicking Farther Part II – Football Kicking

March 4th, 2011 By Tim Valencia – TKS Inland Empire Kicking Coach Last week I “unveiled” the truth behind kicking further, Leg Speed. This week I am going to explain what drills can improve your leg speed, because its essentially what everyone wants just like the new Ipad2 (until they mention how the Ipad3 willContinue reading “The Secret to Kicking Farther Part II – Football Kicking”

Kicker & Punter Workouts / Excercises Swiss Ball / Training Tips

March 4th, 2011 March has rolled in and TKS has rolled out some new videos on TKS TV. San Diego Kicking Coach, John Matich, loads these videos up with key exercises for improving your core for kickers and punters. All you need a swiss ball and yoga mat and some motivation to get better. AContinue reading “Kicker & Punter Workouts / Excercises Swiss Ball / Training Tips”

The Kicking System – Expands to the Inland Empire

“Kicking coaches are very important. They not only work on the mechanics of kicking they build the confidence of their player. Special teams are very important. They can change the game dramatically. Most high school coaches do not place the emphasis on special teams they should. One reason they do not know enough about them.Continue reading “The Kicking System – Expands to the Inland Empire”