Leadership Tips for Student Athletes: Kickers and Punters

By Courtney Dorrel of Sports Force It’s been said that leaders are born, not made, but this could not be any farther from the truth. While some people are born with effective leadership skills, many people are not and need help to develop those skills. Leadership is an important skill all student-athletes should possess.  BelowContinue reading “Leadership Tips for Student Athletes: Kickers and Punters”

Making the Most of Your Winter Break: Football Kicking Recruiting

Posted by Nicole Morell of Sports Force Winter break is coming up fast, and many of us need the break from school, work, and even sports. But, breaks and school vacations are also a great time to check in with yourself and your college sports journey and evaluate where you are and where you needContinue reading “Making the Most of Your Winter Break: Football Kicking Recruiting”

TKS San Diego Kicking Camp/Combine – January 9th, 2011

TKS Offer Kicking Camps, Combines, private lessons, group lessons, competitions, classes and much more.  As a camper you will recieve a kicking camp t-shirt, a complied DVD of your kicks loaded on Youtube, professional intrsuction and access to college kickers that have worked with TKS for years. Out next combine is scheduled for: January 9th,Continue reading “TKS San Diego Kicking Camp/Combine – January 9th, 2011”

How Much Should I Kick? (High School Level) Field Goals, Kickoffs

Every year around this time of year I get emails from kickers from across the country about how they get hurt because they are kicking too much. Either they have a hip flexor injury, hamstrings are sore or quads are about to tear. Most of the time kicking injuries come from over-use or kicking withContinue reading “How Much Should I Kick? (High School Level) Field Goals, Kickoffs”

How to Place Hold for Field Goals

    Almost every high school game or practice I attend I always see a placeholder using incorrect technique on place-holding for field goals. Depending on the level, the holder has not changed anything since his Pop Warner days. Some common mistakes including letting the ball go before it’s kicked, holding the ball with theContinue reading “How to Place Hold for Field Goals”

Football Kicking Book – TKS Kicking Manual – How to Kick Field Goals

October 12th, 2010 Looking for a football kicking book?  Dont forget about the TKS Kicking Manual. It covers field goals, punting, kickoffs, kicking workouts and much more. This is a must read if you want to kicking in college. http://www.kickingsystem.com/store.html John Matich The Kicking System how to kick field goals, ehow, football kicking, san diego,Continue reading “Football Kicking Book – TKS Kicking Manual – How to Kick Field Goals”

Kicking off the Ground in High School – TKS Blog Post

September 28th, 2010 You just hit a 45 yard field goal in your last high school football game, hit five touchbacks including one that went thru the uprights, and you have not missed an extra point since last year.  The good times are rolling… A college coach contacts you after homecoming and asks the questions,Continue reading “Kicking off the Ground in High School – TKS Blog Post”

Davey Last, TKS San Diego Kicker, kicks one for the ages! GW over Los Alamitos

This is an excerpt from the North County Times. VALLEY CENTER — David Last was just a kicker last season, and a darn good one. This season, Last has added a few things to his bag of tricks. Kicking, however, is still his forte. The Valley Center High senior booted a 47-yard field goal withContinue reading “Davey Last, TKS San Diego Kicker, kicks one for the ages! GW over Los Alamitos”

Hawaii Football Kicking Lessons

August 20th, 2010 TKS is pleased to announce football kicking lessons in Hawaii between the dates of September 14th till the 21st. Over the past few months we have been fielding some calls about TKS coming out to Hawaii, time slots are filling up fast. Call to book your session today. http://www.kickingsystem.com