San Diego County Field Goal/Punting Stat Leaders 2017: Week 2 TKS Blue Chip Kicking Report #BCKR #TKS

Welcome back to Week #2 Blue Chip Kicking Report. This week we are highlighting kickoffs.  Brent Hewitt from Santa Fe Christian and Seth Hayes from St. Augustine HS. Seth a younger brother of TKS Alum Trey Hayes (UC Irvine Soccer and Albion PROS) has seven touch backs on the season thus far. Impressive numbers toContinue reading “San Diego County Field Goal/Punting Stat Leaders 2017: Week 2 TKS Blue Chip Kicking Report #BCKR #TKS”

Private Kicking Lesson: James Sherman – Montgomery, Alabama

The Kicking System had the privilege of working with high school kicker James Sherman on an individual session.  James is a rising senior, from Montgomery, Alabama.  Interestingly, James’s family are good friends with Bill Walton, (The former NBA Great) and staying at his house during their brief visit to San Diego. James was referred to CoachContinue reading “Private Kicking Lesson: James Sherman – Montgomery, Alabama”

Mental Preparation…

I have been wanting to write a blog elaborating on one of the major themes we preach here at TKS, MENTAL PREPARATION for kickers and punters.  With the first week of the NFL, specifically the Chargers has presented a perfect example of the importance of being mentally prepared at all times. With the first playContinue reading “Mental Preparation…”

Josh Scobee, Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Kicker, Interview

We had a chance to catch with a NFL Kicker at the Drew Brees Celebrity Golf Tournament in San Diego, CA. We caught him as he was approaching his last nine holes in the first round. In this interview Josh Scobee from the Jacksonville Jaguars talks about his life as a NFL Kicker. He alsoContinue reading “Josh Scobee, Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL Kicker, Interview”

Steve Cotter, Kettlebell Expert / Martial Arts – Kicking & Punting Interview II

In this TKS TV Show Steve Cotter, Kettlebell Expert and Martial Arts Guru takes a few minutes to talk about how important the core, balance and flexibility are important for kickers and punters. Check out this cool techniques. Looking to improve distance on your kicks or punts, this is the show for you!

How Much Should I Kick? (High School Level) Field Goals, Kickoffs

Every year around this time of year I get emails from kickers from across the country about how they get hurt because they are kicking too much. Either they have a hip flexor injury, hamstrings are sore or quads are about to tear. Most of the time kicking injuries come from over-use or kicking withContinue reading “How Much Should I Kick? (High School Level) Field Goals, Kickoffs”

Football Kicking Book – TKS Kicking Manual – How to Kick Field Goals

October 12th, 2010 Looking for a football kicking book?  Dont forget about the TKS Kicking Manual. It covers field goals, punting, kickoffs, kicking workouts and much more. This is a must read if you want to kicking in college. John Matich The Kicking System how to kick field goals, ehow, football kicking, san diego,Continue reading “Football Kicking Book – TKS Kicking Manual – How to Kick Field Goals”

NFL Kicking Woes / The Decline of the NFL Kicker?

January 22nd 2010 Over the course of this NFL season, I have been asked the question, “What’s going on with the kickers this year?”   All-Pro kickers such as Nate Kaeding and Shayne Graham missed important kicks in the playoffs, Nick Folk had a debacle in Dallas and Baltimore Raven, Billy Cundiff missed a 30Continue reading “NFL Kicking Woes / The Decline of the NFL Kicker?”