Billy Cundiff, Missed Field Goal Versus Patriots

After numerous text messages, facebook posts and twitter comments, I figured I have to chime in and talk about Cundiffs missed field goal. First of all, I am not offering any excuses on why he missed the kick. From that distance, its a chip shot. I have posted the video of the field goal below.Continue reading “Billy Cundiff, Missed Field Goal Versus Patriots”

2012 NFL Playoff Kickers Confidence Picks

POSTED BY TIM VALENCIA One of the most important aspects of kicking is confidence, and with the NFL playoffs being cut down to only eight teams, I have decided to rank the final 8 kickers in a new way that was shown on the radio show of Mike and Mike on ESPN. Rather than anContinue reading “2012 NFL Playoff Kickers Confidence Picks”

Nate Kaeding, Kicker, San Diego Chargers his Future and Struggles vs Jets

January 18th, 2010 As a San Diego Charger fan, this is a tough blog entry to write.  But I had to discuss the future of Nate Kaeding.  As a kicking coach in the San Diego area, I get questions asked all the time about his future with the Chargers. I believe the Chargers will keepContinue reading “Nate Kaeding, Kicker, San Diego Chargers his Future and Struggles vs Jets”