Steve Cotter, Kettlebell Expert / Martial Arts – Kicking & Punting Interview II

In this TKS TV Show Steve Cotter, Kettlebell Expert and Martial Arts Guru takes a few minutes to talk about how important the core, balance and flexibility are important for kickers and punters. Check out this cool techniques. Looking to improve distance on your kicks or punts, this is the show for you!

The Secret to Kicking Farther Part II – Football Kicking

March 4th, 2011 By Tim Valencia – TKS Inland Empire Kicking Coach Last week I “unveiled” the truth behind kicking further, Leg Speed. This week I am going to explain what drills can improve your leg speed, because its essentially what everyone wants just like the new Ipad2 (until they mention how the Ipad3 willContinue reading “The Secret to Kicking Farther Part II – Football Kicking”

Kicker & Punter Workouts / Excercises Swiss Ball / Training Tips

March 4th, 2011 March has rolled in and TKS has rolled out some new videos on TKS TV. San Diego Kicking Coach, John Matich, loads these videos up with key exercises for improving your core for kickers and punters. All you need a swiss ball and yoga mat and some motivation to get better. AContinue reading “Kicker & Punter Workouts / Excercises Swiss Ball / Training Tips”