Davey Last, Interview, Valley Center Kicker Committs to USD

In case you missed it live, here is the Davey Last interview from the TKS Radio Show. Davey takes a time out from class to talk about his recent commitment to USD and what he is doing this off-season to get ready for USD! A must listen!

Dave Last, Valley Center Kicker earns PPR player of the game!

December 8th, 2009 Its Championship week in San Diego High School football. Davey Last, Valley Center Kicker, has earned the respect of many during TKS Kicking Camp and classes. Davey has won over 10 events last time I checked. But this past Friday, Davey earned the respect of the entire Southern California, he helped kickContinue reading “Dave Last, Valley Center Kicker earns PPR player of the game!”

Former Aztecs punter Simnjanovski dies in crash

May 12th, 2009 Its been a tough couple of days for me — On Monday morning I found out about a good friend of mine who died in a car crash. Brian Simjanovski a former punter from San Diego State University. Brian whom I meet in 2002, trained with me in the summer of 2002Continue reading “Former Aztecs punter Simnjanovski dies in crash”