Bret Caslavka, Kinesiologist & Pilates Guru

http:/// — In this interview, Bret Caslavka and John Matich talks about what is Pilates, how it can help your kicking game and much more. This is a must listen for all levels of kickers and punters! A great workout! You can find Bret at!  

Frisbee Workout for Kickers & Punters – KICKING TIPS / SAN DIEGO

April 14th, 2010 Kicking Tips: Here is a great workout and stretch, just by using a frisbee.  A inexpensive to improve your kicking game. If you are looking to improve your flexibility or need a new ab routine, this video is for you. All specific for kickers and punters. Filmed on the University of SanContinue reading “Frisbee Workout for Kickers & Punters – KICKING TIPS / SAN DIEGO”