Pressure Kicking

After the recent NFL Combine we have learned just about every possible measurable statistic for potential athletes to go into the NFL. Coupling this with the information from “Tebowmania” sometimes the immeasurables, the intangibles are able to find you a place in the league and keep you in a starting role. Working back to kicking,Continue reading “Pressure Kicking”

TKS Interview with Filip Filipovich – NFL Combine Specialists

February 23rd, 2011 TKS Radio Show with host John Matich, in this segment, guest, Filip Filipovic from ( talks about the NFL Combine process and its testing protocol. Loaded with insights about the combine for kickers and punters and all specialists!

2010 NFL Kicking Combine: Evaluating the Kicking Game

The NFL Combine is upon us over the course of this week. Which means the future of the NFL will be in Indianapolis getting tested, probed and evaluated by the NFL brass. This also means the top kickers and punters will be in attendance. To get a better assessment of this years kicking class, IContinue reading “2010 NFL Kicking Combine: Evaluating the Kicking Game”