Week #6

Well, we won again.  I had 8 extra points and one 50+ yard field goal blocked.  The field we played on was terrible. When I say terrible, I mean it was terrible.   The turf kept coming up, and they called the game with about 30 seconds left becuase the field was in such bad shape.  We play Alameda this weekend in Oakland. Then we play the Wyoming Calvary after that.

I found out my Grandma died on mother days and my dad flew the next day to Croatia.  She was living in Croatia, she had a broken hip and was very sick, she was 85.  It has been a sad day around the Matich household.

I am currently preparing to pack as I will be in Oakland/San Francisco until Saturday.  I am graduating from Grad School, The University of San Francisco. (MA in Sports Management)  The cermony is on Friday afternoon, its been a long journey. I am ready to reap the rewards.

I feel after this graduation I will be able to emmerse myself in The Kicking System full time, this will be the first time that I will be able to do that.

Lastly, Brian Stohavich was offered a full ride to SDSU last week. Bob Elliot called me last week and told me they wanted to get him offer early.   He is excited and I am sure more offers are coming in the coming weeks.  The coaching staff at SDSU keeps calling me about him as well as Travis Golia and David Seawright (PK’s). I had dinner with a Harvard coach, meet with a USC coach and been non-stop on the phone with coaches all week in regards to kickers that I have been working with. Exciting stuff!!!

John Matich

Published by The Kicking System

San Diego Football Kicking Coach and Soccer Coach. Private Lessons, Kicking Camps, SoCal Recruiting expert (619) 994-2364

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