San Diego State Kicking Camp Recap

What a great display of kicking! TKS had a great day working with most talented kickers in Southern California.

With over 30 kickers in attendance, TKS some great performances. After a intstructional morning period, the competition was wild!  Trevor Romain from Centennial HS, won the punting competition, Lee Abelkop from La Jolla HS won the kickoff competition and Mike Gruber from Christian HS won the FG competition. 

Also, Kristi Anderson, from posture RX delivered something the campers will never forget. Another element of a TKS Camp that you cant find anywhere else. Kristi went over some self-massage techniques that will blow any kickers mind.  “I gurantee you, I can help any HS, college and NFL kicker with these techniques. Better than any flexiblity program, Pilates, Yoga program out there. You will feel better and acheive more power if you do these excercises.” -John Matich

“We had a great camp, great weather and a great display of kicking, we look forward to next year!” -TKS Owner John Matich


John Matich & Chuck Long, Head Coach SDSU Football

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