NFL Combine 2009: Specalists -Buehler Strongest Kicker

February 22nd 2008

NFL Combine 2009
NFL Combine 2009

As a long time kicking coach, I had to point this out and raise a few concerns…

David Buehler kicker from USC, benched 225- 25 times! Unheard of for kickers.  The NFL Network gave him honorable mention of the day, because he also had a 4.6 -40 yard dash time.

What does this all mean? Not a whole lot.  I wondered why they even had him perform the test, as it will not have any bearing on his draft status.  In fact I don’t think they commented on his long rage kickoffs, what he is known for.  As long as Beuhler can kick it 75+ yards on his kickoffs he will make an NFL team easily.  I noticed that there were some very strong legs with the kickers in the combine this year.

I was noticing how Rich Eisen the NFL network commentator kept commenting on how kickers are, “people too.”  I believe there are some excellent kickers out there that are great athletes and don’t get the respect they deserve.  Just because kickers don’t weigh 300+ pounds, they can be an athlete as well.

The NFL Network has barely given the kickers and punters any air time to this point. I understand watching kickers kick field goals for an hour will not drive ratings up but some highlights would be appreciated.   This has lead me to some very good ideas for next year as I will be attending the NFL Combine in 2010.  I believe its time for kickers to get noticed for their position on the football team but as athletes.

I will be commenting on the speaclists in the next few days.

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3 thoughts on “NFL Combine 2009: Specalists -Buehler Strongest Kicker

  1. I hired a recruiting service, and after learning how to kick with Rob Pelfrey and Dick Pierce, and after earning All-State kicker both my junor and senior years, and after making
    the most points with “8” at the Indiana All-Star game and winning the game for the North, I earned a full-ride scholarship at the University of Saint Francis in Ft. Wayne. I not only have a leg, but I am very accurate. I also only weigh 175 points and I am 6’2″.
    I need to know HOW to get noticed, as I am continuing my kicking career and preparing for the pros.
    How do I get noticed, and what advice would you give me? I think kickers make a huge impact in game outcomes.

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