Jessica Norris, Kicks for Lake Travis H.S. JV Team (Austin, TX)

September 16th, 2009

Jessica Norris kicking a PAT for Lake Travis H.S.
Jessica Norris kicking a PAT for Lake Travis H.S.

I received the following email from Brendan Norris’s grandfather a few days ago. Brendan a former kicker from Poway H.S., has a little sister, Jessica, that has been trying to kick for years. Recently the Norris family made a move to Austin Texas.  Jessica tried out for the team and this is what happened:

John. Our grand-daughter Jessica, moved to Austin Texas. 3 weeks ago.
She made the JV team (soccer) and then tried out for the JV American
football. She’s a freshman, probably weighs all of 85lb. Her high
school (Lake Travis High) won everything in Texas the past two years.
Anyway they picked her for the top JV team.  Football in Texas is a
religion, like soccer in England.

Yesterday was the first time she’d ever worn a helmet, shoulder pads
or mouth-guard.  She made two extra points!

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28 thoughts on “Jessica Norris, Kicks for Lake Travis H.S. JV Team (Austin, TX)

  1. An update for Jessica Norris, place kicker for the Lake Travis freshman team.They have 3 freshmen teams of which she is the kicker on their 1st team John, in the last 3 weeks, Jessica has been named player of the week 2xs!! Perfect on PATs in one game and icing a 30yrd field goal as the play clock was stopped with 1 second left and game clock at 12 seconds. 4th down for the game winner by 3. thank you p.s.still undefeated in league!!

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