TKS Spring Camp Review / March 2010

March 30th 2010

On Sunday, TKS started its 2010 National Kicking camp cycle.  With a solid group from top to bottom, it was a great day of kicking.  Schools from across California were represented.  The camp started with some basic instruction and quickly picked up pace going into the kicking competition. Mike Gruber hit a 59-yard field goal and won the field goal competition.  Marcus Diaz hit a 55-yard field goal and had an impressive day.  The campers also listened to a recruiting talk given by Andrew Beinbrink, from Sports Force, a nutrition talk and a kicking specific workout. Campers from 10 years old to 18 years were on hand. Video coming soon!

“I had a ton of fun learning from Stanley, the USD kicker at the TKS Spring Camp … and I know now what it takes to take my kicking game to the next level.  I have been to a few other camps and they don’t even compare to TKS. I want to win the next kicking competition!”- Jason Diaz, 13 years old

“I had the best time at the TKS Spring Kicking Camp, the camp was well organized, I had fun and learned that kicking is not just going out a kicking footballs, there is a system!  I learned everything from kicking technique, working out, nutrition, recruiting and much more. Thank you! I look forward to the next camp!”- TKS Camper Mike Gruber

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