How Much Should I Kick? (High School Level) Field Goals, Kickoffs

Every year around this time of year I get emails from kickers from across the country about how they get hurt because they are kicking too much. Either they have a hip flexor injury, hamstrings are sore or quads are about to tear. Most of the time kicking injuries come from over-use or kicking with the wrong technique. Here is sample plan of how much kicking you should perform if you are a high school kicker:

Monday: Heavy Work Day! 30 – 40 kicks. If you are kicking and punting  for you team. Designate this as either a field goal day or punting day. After 5-10 warm-up kicks, formulate a plan of attack.  Take some kicks from different hashes for field goals. Or work on some one-step punts.  Work and focus on the technique without have to worry about making field goals or how far the ball travels. Kick about 15 field goals and 8-10 kickoffs. Get a lower body workout after practice.  Work on kicks with your holder and snappers, try to get at least 8-10 kicks

Tuesday: Medium Work Day – 25-35 kicks.  Switch up the program if you were kicking field goals on Monday focus on punts today.  Again after 5-10 warm-up kicks, work on the fundamentals. Review your drops, plant foot on field goals. Try some longer field goals. If you are savvy enough try some directional punts and inside the 20 punts. Again work in with you snapper get your timing down. Upper Body workout after practice.

Wednesday: Light Work Day – 15-20 kicks.  Start to taper off, hopefully your are still not to sore from you Monday leg workout..  Team drills will be essential this day, having the line in front of you and working against a live rush will be the goal.

Thursday: Light or no kicking – 5 kicks max.  I know some high schools work on special teams on Thursday and you might need to kick a few but try not to.  Maybe this can be the time to work on onside kicks. A healthy stretch and some light swings might be best.

Friday– Game Day

Saturday – off

Sunday – Private Kicking lesson – 40-50 kicks

John Matich

The Kicking System

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