SuperBowl Kickers, who is better?

There is no greater pressure in any sport than a last second game winning kick, unless that is a last minute game winning kick in the Superbowl.  While most people unanimously will agree that Adam Vinatieri is the Kick of the Superbowl Kick, out of the two kickers left who would you want?

Mason Crosby was a highly regarded Kicker coming out of Colorado University.  Being a 6th round pick he had a lot of hype to live up to.  He did his rookie year in 2007 by scoring more points than any other player, including a game winner in his first NFL game.  Crosby has continued on with his success and helped solidify the Kicking Game for the Green Bay Packers.  His career stat line is

Field Goals Made     107 Field Goals Attempted     137 Field Goals %     78.1 Long Field Goal     56

Shaun Suisham-was a kicker who came out of Bowling Green, wasn’t offered a full contract but a chance to work with the practice squad of the Steelers.  He ended up being cut and went on a small journey.

After being released from the Steelers in 2005 he went to the Cowboys practice squad was cut then resigned for the last game of 2005.  In 2006 he signed with the Redskins where he lasted for 3 years and kicked his first game winner in 2007.  In 2009, he will always be remembered for missing a 23 yard field goal against the Saints in overtime.

In 2009 he was released.  After which he was picked up again by the Cowboys.  He replaced Nick Folk  and missed twice in the NFC Divisional Playoffs.  After which he was cut by the Cowboys for the second time.

In 2010 he bounced from the Browns to the Rams and back to the first team that signed him.  In November of 2010, he was signed by the Steelers where he kicked 4 field goals of 40+ yards  in one game and 5 field goals of 40+ yards in an overtime win over the Jets.  Also in 2010 he kicked 2 field goals to beat the Ravens in a 13-10 win.  Overall in 2010 he ended the year  14 for 15.  His career line reads,

Field Goals Made     101 Field Goals Attempted     125 Field Goal %     80.8 Long Field Goal     52 (twice)

Overall, Suisham has faced adversity and come away better for it.  His track record this year is unbelieavable and might continue into the SuperBowl.  Even in the face of momentum and a great feel good story, I still have to favor Mason Crosby.  Crosby has the collegiate career, the awards, the track record in bad weather and consistency overall.  Also his NFL Fantasy Football Video is legit.

-Tim Valencia

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