Offseason Introduction

Regardless of the sport, the offseason is widely considered where games seasons, playogffs and championships are decided.  The same can be said for kicking and punting.

You can work as hard as you want just during the season, but if you are competing for a starting spot or against a rival who has worked all offseason you will more than likely be outmatched.  Even using conservative judgement you would be 6 months behind your competitors.

Specifically, the offseason isn’t just about keeping up with your competitors (which should be some of your motivation)but it is also about making large strides in personal growth.  Follow any athlete on twitter  and they will mention that the offseason is where you can make the largest growth in your overall ability.

Graham Gano recently mentioned in an article what his specific goals are this offseason.  Specifically there are 4 categories you can work on in the improving;

Mental Focus,  Strength and Leg Speed,  Form Modification, Flexibility

If you havent already, your offseason goals should include 1 overall goal or 1 from each category listed above.  Either way, make your goals specific and outline how you can reach them.

Long story,  Time is short…….offseason starts right now.


Tim Valencia
Inland Empire Kicking Coach

Published by The Kicking System

San Diego Football Kicking Coach and Soccer Coach. Private Lessons, Kicking Camps, SoCal Recruiting expert (619) 994-2364

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