Other Aspects of Kicking… Longsnapping

One of the interesting things about TKS is we speak about the overlooked aspects of football.  I have to admit we have also been guilty of this as well.  One of the most important aspects of the kicking game has to be… longsnapping.

Being on the receiving end of a concussion because of a botched snap  on a punt.   A good snap is the difference between a made field goal, a blocked punt, and in my case seeing clearly.

When evaluating the best Longsnappers one would have to look toward one of the longest tenured snappers in the league, San Diego’s own David Binn.

David Binn is the last remaining Charger from the Chargers SuperBowl team in the 94 season.  He was elected to the Probowl in 2006 and is the Chargers  all time leader in games played.   His records, awards, and tenure are a testament to his work ethic natural ability.  Honestly, I would like nothing more to talk about the mechanics and fundamentals of longsnapping, but I  would be giving you false information.  To give you the correct information I would suggest you listen to our Blog Talk Radio Interview with the one and only trickshot Longsnapper Larry Federoff which will be posted 5/11.  Until then Keep stretching and Keep Kicking.   And make sure you thank your longsnapper every chance you get.

Tim Valencia, Inland Empire Kicking Coach

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