7 Steps to Creating Success in the Kicking Game


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Here are seven suggestions to maintaining a consistent approach in the kicking game. Some of these are great ideas for mental preparation:

1. Visualize the positive. Imagine the ball going through the uprights before each kick.

2. Don’t overdo it. Set a limit on the number of kicks you do in a practice. There is no need to do 100 kicks in a session. Work on specific areas and increase the intensity.  Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself; compete with older kickers. Attend camps where there are competitions. Put yourself in pressure situations; you will find you will gain confidence.

3. Find someone you look up to. If you know or meet an NFL kicker or an outstanding college kicker, find out what helped him or her and ask for advice on how to achieve greatness. Don’t worry about not knowing all the answers or bothering them, everyone likes to talk about themselves and give advice about something they know and love.

4. Be creative. Create new drills and/or just have a fun day kicking where you won’t worry about making or missing kicks.

5. Create your own style. Discover a style of kicking that is fundamentally sound and is comfortable for you. Do not imitate the professionals! Everyone has his or her own individual style that is unique.

6. Develop a routine. Every time you prepare for a kick keep a mental checklist. For example: target line, checking for wind, taking your steps, etc.

7. Have fun. Enjoy the game!

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