Thinking Positive For Kickers & Punters

At TKS we come across hundreds of athletes a year and some come to train with good attitude while others don’t. It’s quite obvious to see the difference between kickers. It shows in their mindset, the kickers that succeed all have positive mindsets!  If you have decided you want to kick at the next level here are some great tips to help you create a positive mind-set:

1) Create a MANTRA: I think this is one of the most important things, to help keep your focus and your positive direction to your goals. You mantra is your underlying principals of how you want to go about daily kicking or life in general.  Keep this mantra on your wall, wallet or phone. Look at it daily, as you know kicking and life can be difficult at times. Keep it short and simple. Think of it as your very own personal slogan.

2) Read – The most successful friends I have all read a ton. Even noticed Chris Kluwe punter of the Minnesota Vikings reads almost 5 books a day and he punts for a living. Immerse yourself in kicking, read about training, technique, nutrition, and don’t stop. The more you read the more information you will have at your fingertips.

3) You are not perfect! –Goal setting – Every kicker we work with always wants to have the perfect season. Weather its in high school, college or at the pro level. Aiming for 10-10 on field goals and a 48-yard punt average in high school just might be out of your hands.  NEWSFLASH – you are going to miss a kick or two. It may not be your fault. Be realistic set goals that you know you can achieve. Write them down!

4) Listen – If time if of the essence, putting in audio books in the car or on the phone between classes or jobs. Finding some great podcasts is one way that I have learned some cool new nutritional advice- Thanks to Sean Croxton at Underground Wellness.

5) Create your KICKING TEAM- Think of it as HELP GROUP for any questions that you may have kicking related.  This may be your personal kicking coach, Father, Mother, other kickers, professional kickers, and teachers. Anyone that wants your to succeed or has helped you should be in this group.

6) Nutrition – Eating right will help you stay on track. Being healthy will allow you to feel better and positive about just your day-to-day kicking endeavors. By making the right choices at the lunch arbor will improve your performance for practice and games. Your overall energy will improve and then you will get better results.

7) Training – Squatting 400 pounds probably not going to really help you in the kicking game. By having the discipline to train properly can help lengthen your career and avoid injury. Also it will provide you the right energy and give you the confidence your need to make your next kick.

8) Remove any Naysayers – This can be a tough one. As sometimes this could be a close friend of relative. The negativity can be habit forming very easily and it only takes one idea. If you have to be around some negative people limit your time with them, so they don’t take your energy. Make the right choices and sometimes the right choice is not the popular choice. Having people with good energy CAN help you in your kicking career.

10) Get off your BUTT! – Don’t just sit around. Just starting on new programs can be the hardest thing to do. Once your get started its much easier to maintain as it will become a habit and much more consistent

Lastly as I mentioned before one bad thought can lead to a horrible kicking day. So protect yourself by surrounding yourself with a positive team, stick to your MANTRA and  be consistent!

Attitude is everything!

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