Private Kicking Lesson: James Sherman – Montgomery, Alabama

The Kicking System had the privilege of working with high school kicker James Sherman on an individual session.  James is a rising senior, from Montgomery, Alabama.  Interestingly, James’s family are good friends with Bill Walton, (The former NBA Great) and staying at his house during their brief visit to San Diego. James was referred to CoachContinue reading “Private Kicking Lesson: James Sherman – Montgomery, Alabama”

San Diego Kicking Coach working with Portland Kicker

Owen from Portland, Oregon has been working with the Kicking System for the past week while visiting San Diego. During today’s session he showed some strides in both his punting and field goal technique. By the end of the session Owen was getting a few punts to turn over and had some solid field goalsContinue reading “San Diego Kicking Coach working with Portland Kicker”

Nick Sloan, Navy Football – TKS Student Meets President

  Last week, Nick Sloan, formerly of Scripps Ranch HS and current kicker for the Naval Football team had a chance to meet President of the United States Barack Obama.The Midshipmen football team visits White House to accept Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy from the president.  

Kicking up a Storm: TKS Students Kick thru the winter

During the winter months in San Diego, numerous TKS soccer players and kickers made tremendous progress.  With great weather all winter long (besides a few rain drops) TKS students took advantage of the situation. The beginning of the winter, we had numerous college kickers and alumni come back and have private lessons, culminating with WinterContinue reading “Kicking up a Storm: TKS Students Kick thru the winter”

Thinking Positive For Kickers & Punters

At TKS we come across hundreds of athletes a year and some come to train with good attitude while others don’t. It’s quite obvious to see the difference between kickers. It shows in their mindset, the kickers that succeed all have positive mindsets!  If you have decided you want to kick at the next levelContinue reading “Thinking Positive For Kickers & Punters”

Having a Bad Kicking Day? – Read This – Story of Tyler Jewell

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to have dinner with a good friend and former roommate from Boston College and Olympic Snowboarder, Tyler Jewell.  It had been a long time since I last saw Tyler.  We wanted to catch up before he moved back east for the fall. The night turned into somethingContinue reading “Having a Bad Kicking Day? – Read This – Story of Tyler Jewell”

Kicking System – Recruiting Seminar -Kickers & Punters

TKS is offering a Recruiting Night on MONDAY November 5th, 2012.  At this recruiting seminar you will learn to following: How to get a kicking scholarship Learn how to get your DVD online Find the right college match Get a recruiting timeline What to do if you are late in the game Questions on kickingContinue reading “Kicking System – Recruiting Seminar -Kickers & Punters”

College Kickers vs. NFL Kickers

There has been plenty to talk about in regards to kickers due the recent events in the college and NFL football leagues. For college football it has been for kickers missing field goals. The CAL and Stanford kickers both went 0-3 in field goals this past weekend and in the BYU/Utah State game the kickersContinue reading “College Kickers vs. NFL Kickers”

The Art of Taking Penalty Kicks

One important aspect of a soccer game, which does not get practiced enough, is the penalty kick. Often, a late penalty kick or a final finishing in a penalty kick shootout determines games.  For example, with Italy and England in the 2012 European Soccer Championship. Here are some guidelines to help you place your bestContinue reading “The Art of Taking Penalty Kicks”

Advantage to Earning a Kicking Scholarship – Highlight Tape Tips

Another common question TKS receives is developing a world-class highlight film.  Many schools now days use certain companies to film their games and practices.  For the most part these video services are great for breaking up the film, transferring and copying it to different formats and using it for your own highlight film. But unfortunately,Continue reading “Advantage to Earning a Kicking Scholarship – Highlight Tape Tips”