The Art of Taking Penalty Kicks

One important aspect of a soccer game, which does not get practiced enough, is the penalty kick. Often, a late penalty kick or a final finishing in a penalty kick shootout determines games.  For example, with Italy and England in the 2012 European Soccer Championship. Here are some guidelines to help you place your bestContinue reading “The Art of Taking Penalty Kicks”

Advantage to Earning a Kicking Scholarship – Highlight Tape Tips

Another common question TKS receives is developing a world-class highlight film.  Many schools now days use certain companies to film their games and practices.  For the most part these video services are great for breaking up the film, transferring and copying it to different formats and using it for your own highlight film. But unfortunately,Continue reading “Advantage to Earning a Kicking Scholarship – Highlight Tape Tips”

TKS Alumni – Chase Eckman, Mt Carmel HS (San Diego) – Kicks 49 Yard Field Goal

From the NC TIMES PREP BLOG: Eckman’s feat is strictly for kicks September 06, 2012 7:38 pm  •  By TOM SHERIDAN (0) Comments There were a lot of good things for Mt. Carmel High football coach John Anderson to contemplate after the Sundevils season-opening game victory over La Jolla. But the one thing thatContinue reading “TKS Alumni – Chase Eckman, Mt Carmel HS (San Diego) – Kicks 49 Yard Field Goal”

No Kicking at SDSU?

Due to the recent controversy over the kicking game at SDSU and the college level in general, TKS had to chime in. Last week, SDSU head coach Rocky Long decided not to kick any extra points or field goals in a 21-12 loss to Washington. Coach Long has since explained that his thought process wasContinue reading “No Kicking at SDSU?”

Special Teams Unit – Field Goals: Operation Times, Working with the Snapper and Holder

Field Goal Timing and Kicker: Special Teams Unit   TKS has been getting numerous phone calls over the last few days on how to help the special teams units for field goals and punting. We had to blog about the concepts: First you need find a good athlete in a consistent snapper. If you don’tContinue reading “Special Teams Unit – Field Goals: Operation Times, Working with the Snapper and Holder”

Adidas Adipure 11 Pro For Kickers?

Well the battle continues to see which soccer shoe is the best for kicking? The Adidas Adipure 11 Pro, may have an argument. Not sure if you will need all the miCoach technology, unless it tells you how fast your leg is moving. I know Adidas has made some adjustments with this shoe, adding durability.Continue reading “Adidas Adipure 11 Pro For Kickers?”

2012 Kickers & Punters Free Agent Signings – NFL

TKS hopes to bring all of 2012 draft and free agent signings over the course of this week – not an east task let us tell you.  Lots of activity hence hours of research on who signed where.  Please check back to see updates: Atlanta Falcons P Dawson Zimmerman, signed as a free agent CarolinaContinue reading “2012 Kickers & Punters Free Agent Signings – NFL”

2012 NFL Draft Kickers and Punters – Specialists

Punters 2012 NFL Draft: We wanted to start with punters, as there is a case to be made that a TKS Alumni punter –could get drafted in SDSU punter, Brian Stohavich.  As you know punters are not drafted often — only a couple every draft. Last year Matt Bosher from the University of Miami wasContinue reading “2012 NFL Draft Kickers and Punters – Specialists”

Pressure Kicking

After the recent NFL Combine we have learned just about every possible measurable statistic for potential athletes to go into the NFL. Coupling this with the information from “Tebowmania” sometimes the immeasurables, the intangibles are able to find you a place in the league and keep you in a starting role. Working back to kicking,Continue reading “Pressure Kicking”