Update on Brian Simjanovski / Funeral

May 13th, 2009

Once again thanks for all the kind words about Brian over the last couple of day.   I am sure his family thanks you too.

I wanted to pass along some more info for everyone. I have gotten a ton of emails and questions about Brians funeral. Brian’s brother, Riste, gave me this info.

His first service (a closed casket viewing) will be this Thursday May, 14, 2009 at 7:00pm in St. Petka’s Church in San Marcos.  The address is:

1854 Knob Hill Road
San Marcos, CA 92069

His funeral will begin at 10:00am Friday (at the same address) and he will be escorted by police and funeral procession to the cemetery.

Thanks again to everyone!

John Matich

Published by The Kicking System

San Diego Football Kicking Coach and Soccer Coach. Private Lessons, Kicking Camps, SoCal Recruiting expert (619) 994-2364

2 thoughts on “Update on Brian Simjanovski / Funeral

  1. Covekot saka da izvlece radost od svojot kratok zivot,treba da nastojuva da go razubavi zivotot,no ne samo svojot tuku i na drugite,zosto negovata radost zavisi od radosta na drugite.Brajan ti bese toj koj sto nosese radost na site koi te poznavaa i zatoa sekogas ce ostanes zapameten vo nasite srca ,neka ti e lesna zemja pocivaj vo mir.

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